Frequently asked questions
in most negotiations

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Others don’t know what they are talking about!

A response could be:

YOU: “You obviously have a reason for saying that. Do you mind if I ask what it is?”

SELLER: “We need the money now in order to pay off other debts.”
YOU: “So what you’re saying is... we need to make the other debts disappear? How fast would you like to see that done?”
SELLER: “Now! ”
YOU: “So if we could organize it so you would never have to pay those debts again, is there any reason why we couldn’t move forward today?”

YOU: How about we pay the debt so you don't have to ? How would that make you feel?

SELLER: "Great, let's do it"

To respond to this question, use an analogy.

YOU: “Are you renting that refrigerator now?”
BUYER: “Yes.”
YOU: “How much of what you are renting now goes towards owning the refrigerator?”

BUYER: “None.”
YOU: “How does that make you feel?”

BUYER: “Terrible.”
YOU: “Well, in a rent to own, the money you pay goes towards owning the refrigerator. How would that make you feel?”
BUYER: “Great.”

YOU: Well, this works the same way but with a ....

BUYER: “Great. I get it"

This means you have been doing all the talking and this would sound a little sceptical to the other person. Let the other person do all the talking, you only ask leading questions.

No one likes you to make a profit but everyone wants you to get paid.

YOU: “What do you do for a living?”

SELLER: “I’m an electrician .”
YOU: “Are you good at what you do?"

SELLER: “Yes .”
YOU: “Do you charge accordingly”
SELLER: “Yes .”

YOU: "Yes, So do I"

People will ask you if this is legal because of two things:

  1. You have talked in Jargon and you’ve used legal terms and intimidated them, as you’ve talked in terms that they don’t understand and they feel threatened.
  2. You have been doing all the talking and explaining the processes, rather than have people explain it to you.

YOU:"Do you have a lawyer?"
YOU: "Is he legal?"

YOU: "Do you trust him?"

YOU: "Great, then let's use him and he'll make sure we both get what we want "

This is a trust question.

YOU: “Can I ask you sir, do you have a website?”

YOU: “Why don’t you have a website?”

SELLER: “Why would I need a website?”
YOU: “Good question, sir. Why would I need a website?”

SELLER: “So that I can check you out.”
YOU: “Well sir, you’ve just told me you don’t have a website, so how can I check you out?”

SELLER: “Well, I’m being honest.”
YOU: “Do you think I’m being dishonest? Because if you do, then let’s stop now because we could never work together, wouldn't. you agree?.”

SELLER:" Agreed."

This is a trust question. 

You might find out that they do not feel comfortable dealing with individuals and you can address this issue this way:

YOU: “Sir, this here is a trust question, and what you are really saying is that you don’t trust me, so therefore I’m wondering if we are going to be able to move forward?”

Call it for what it is. It’s a trust question, so get it out into the open.

BUYER: “No, no, I trust you.”
YOU: “Well then, who else needs to be here in order for you to feel more comfortable moving forward?”

How to respond:

YOU: “Well sir, there are a number of different ways I can buy and if you want me to pay cash, I can do that right now also. My only concern is that if I pay you a cash price, you may not be happy with that amount. I can buy in a way where you don't receive a lot of money or in a way you get a lot of money, which way would you like?”
SELLER: “Well, I want you to buy in a way in which I get a lot of money?"

YOU: “Okay then, let’s talk about that.”

This is how to answer this question:

You:" Don't sell to me, you can always sell to the person behind me"

SELLER:" There's no standing behind you"

Remain silent and let the seller concede their position

Now, there are a few answers to this question, with one being:

YOU: “How has that worked for you so far?"

SELLER: "It hasn’t"
YOU: "Why am I here?”

SELLER: “Because I want to sell”
YOU: “Well, using the normal way, how has that worked out for you so far?”

SELLER: “Not too well.”
YOU: “Let me ask you: What’s more important, selling the normal way, or getting this thing sold?

You can’t write contracts because they are too detailed. You need to reframe this question.

YOU: “I think what you are asking me is will there be paperwork in writing that we can both agree matches our conversation today? Is that the question?


YOU:" Good, let's get the solicitors to create the contract and let's write here on this piece of paper what we both agree on, and then let's make a copy for the both of us."

People will ask you many 'what if' questions. Don't try to answer a 'what if' question. Ask the question "what would they like to see happen?"

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When it comes to connecting with others,you should be aware of the other persons personal territory also referred to as “space”.

Most people accidently apply pressure by moving into other people’s territories uninvited. When people fell under pressure it creates anxiety and when people get anxious they cannot and will not make decisions to do anything.

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