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Let’s get your stuff sold

At Gorilla we sell your stuff for you, saving you time energy and effort.

Or If you prefer, we can teach you the craft of getting your stuff sold!

A virgin anything is an uNsold something

Some basics: If you try to “sell” then people won’t buy, it’s the same as the guy who chases … he never gets the girl.

Children we tell, adults we show. People want to own when they know how to, however, people won’t buy what you know unless they know you care.

Public speaking or Public selling?

If you cannot communicate (sell) a concept, idea, product, service or people on or off stage you’ll never get a gig or be employed as a “hired gun” because in today’s world it’s all about the money especially when they tell you …. it’s not about the money

Read a book for knowledge and read your audience for money.

We are your “Hired Gun”

We are the faceless ordered in by corporations to sell their stuff before returning to the island swim-up bar. On stage, by phone or over the internet use our services when you’re spending too much time training people for a job that took us 30 years to learn.

Our Videos

How to grab attention?​

The Structure of language to increase sales

How to influence the outcome of a conversation


We all develop expertise over 30 years …Ours is buying houses” 

Alex Hickman

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