At Gorilla we believe you cannot describe wet without getting in the pool.

  Children learn by being told; adults need to be shown so therefore all the fruits here are free ………we profit when we help you sell the salad.

The Gorilla’s Armpit is a definitive brand for those of unrealized talent who don’t have time for university and prefer to buy in the results. So, if where you are now is not where you want to be, then leapfrog to the next level because what you earn today is the power of what you know put into action

Everything presented here is done in a unique signature style mastered over a lifelong study of subliminal communication skills and human interaction, resulting in desirable conclusions and profitable results so join our troop.

Our mission is to change the way you buy and sell

The question should not be “What do you want to do?” but rather “What is the result you’re trying to achieve?”

This answer creates the step modules with precise direction with the correct strategies employed in order to harvest the desired result within the time frame

Our opportunity provides the maps through the minefield as we only make money when you make money so join our troop and feel the cash flow!

The man behind the man
behind the gorilla

Hi, buddy!

I’m Rick, and here is what I’ve been told about me!

I started as a teenager, learning human behavior skills that I applied to various occupations. I then started using this lifelong study in the art of kinesics and subconscious communication for teaching, marketing, and building 7 figure businesses, which meant all aspects of my life became a negotiation… Also, from what I read, my passion for creative real estate and being the prior owner of  “We Buy Houses”; equipped me with over 30 years of experience in the global real estate market.

 Starting with nothing I pioneered and mastered the skills required to transact properties requiring little out of pocket resources. Some people believe using other people’s money to obtain property is a scam, however, I never heard that from a successful person.

40 years of business including over 30 years in real estate have taught me 

  • The understanding or lack of it in the recipient’s mind determines whether the subject matter is a scam.
  • You cannot change what people believe, only invite them to question what they believe.
  • When you don’t win, write the cheque and move on, like when I went to courtFind out more!
What we provide

Talk in Public

We don't teach you how to play the game we teach you how to win at playing the game.


Rich experiences are delivered in a direct educational and entertaining style.

Free Bananas

Read, download and listen to many of the gorilla's diaries.

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